Get your sales GOING with A
billboard on every street

Ads on the Go has revolutionized advertising by giving your business the unique opportunity to interact with people in a powerful way.




About us

Advertising revolutionized. We are big believers in the effect of billboards, and that’s why we’re helping you take them on the go. Ads on the Go helps marketers spread their message across huge distances, with trucks carrying their advertisements around the Town.

Attract more views than ever before, and take your message citywide.

Why us

Try unexpected

Reach customers when they're not expecting you! As they go about their day, your ad is leaving an indelible impression on their subconscious.

Timing is Everything

People will see your ad when they are out, when they are shopping, when they are more likely to respond!


The impact of an ad that is so big and in your face is priceless. Your ad will be alive and moving around all day.

Hello MEN

A largepercent of men don’tread the local circulars.You have an opportunityto target men while they are on the road.


Take to the Road

Mobility greatly benefits our brand partners. Our trucks roam the streets, ensuring maximum visibility and a wide range of people reached.

Every Ad is Unique

We know your advertisements’ importance to you. That’s why we ensure every ad looks great, meets the unique needs of advertisers, and brings high-impact marketing on the go.

Impossible to Miss

Billboards often go unnoticed, but our advertisements are hard to ignore. This unique marketing style can be seen in traffic jams, at gas stations, on busy streets, and more.

Seen Across the City

The more people see your advertisement, the better. With Ads on the Go, your ad can be seen in different locations across the city, spreading the message from place to place.

Directly Target Consumers

Meet your customers where they are. Target your consumers in different areas and at different times. Your ads can be visible throughout the day, not just on people’s commutes.

Traveling Advertising Outreach

Traveling advertisements imprint on the brain. Our recognizable trucks can be frequently seen by potential customers, leaving a long-lasting impression that serves you well.



Choose the platform where you get the mostvalue!


Choose the platform where you get the mostvalue!


Choose the platform where you get the mostvalue!

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